Very eclectic mix for the Unwind tonight: iTunes shuffling through all the music on my computer. No filters, no exclusions, no Genius feature, just the Music Library open and shuffle enabled. I bet that before the night is over, I’ll even break the Labor Day rule. Sue me, it’s my Unwind, and my music! 🙂

So, what’s up in the old Just Charlie world?

  • Happy Birthday to the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie”! She turned, well…a year older today! (Oh, and happy belated birthday to her twin sister. Who turned a year older a day earlier! Nice, huh?)
  • I had intended all kinds of cool birthday things to do, but hardly any of them actually panned out. Originally had planned to go the Atlanta Braves game, but couldn’t find any really great tickets, being as it’s Memorial Day weekend and all. Thought about the Georgia Aquarium. Holiday weekend, again…bunch of folks. Amicalola Falls? Rainy! Fancy Sunday Brunch? Crap, who wants to “dress up” to go eat breakfast, when you could scarf down oatmeal, fruit, and eggs in your underwear? In bed, if you wanted. Forget the brunch.
  • So, how did we spend the momentous occasion? Home Depot, a little playing in the dirt, lunch at our old standby Eye-talian place, and a quick visit with “The Boy.” How’s that for par-tay?!?!?!
  • Meanwhile, it was good to have a day off and just hang with the fam!
  • But wait! Isn’t it Sunday? And aren’t you a pastor? Yep!
  • One of my best buds in the world, Warren Moore, brought it at The ‘Crest this morning! My team – Mark, Alison, and Nick – handled everything. Thanks, y’all! Shoot! Nobody even missed me! Charlie who?!?!
  • BTW, drum corps music just came on the Unwind soundtrack. From pre-DCI days, 1971. Cool!
  • Been in a poetry mood lately. Reading The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: A Poetry Anthology. Good stuff!
  • Wondering about whether the time at the YMCA may be coming to its end. There may be some other opportunities. Just wondering…
  • Had a great time with God early this morning, before the birthday celebration kicked off. Really challenged and encouraged by the story of David, especially this verse.
  • I’ve also been thinking a lot about responsibility, initiative, and discipline for leaders and those who want to be.
  • Tim McGraw’s Let It Go on the Unwind soundtrack. See? I told you it was eclectic and random!
  • Probably heading out to spend a little money tomorrow.
  • Looks like all three vehicles are trying to go kaput at the same time! Not good! Starter for my truck, transmission for the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie’s” car, and well…college student driving for “The Boy’s” car. ‘Nuff said?!?!?
  • Well, that’ll do it for the next month! See y’all later!
  • Oh, and how about some Natasha Bedingfield to close the post? Did you know she sings?!?!?! Good night!