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Leslie Brandt, Psalm 25…


jugrote via Compfight

I am reaching for You again, O God.

From the abyss of defeat,

   the suffocating shame of failure,

   I seek Your mercy and Your help.

Enable me to see something of Your will for my life,

Break through this stifling darkness

   with some direction, some meaning,

   some purpose for my existence.

You are my God; You have promised me salvation.

How long must I wait for Your response?


The Valley of Vision…

I’m not sure where I first heard of the collection of Puritan prayers and devotions called The Valley of Vision, but I do know the readings and prayers in this classic book are a huge help to me in my daily devotions.

Often, we “evangelicals” tend to look down on anything that is formalized or formulaic, especially when it comes to praying. Yet, it does us good to have some focus to our prayers and thoughts. The Valley of Vision does just that for me. Nearly every time I read a selection from it, it resonates with my heart and with my current situations in life and ministry.

I Can’t Get This Passage Out of My Mind…

God’s been rocking my world over the last week with these words

O God, you have taught me from my earliest childhood,
and I constantly tell others about the wonderful things you do.
Now that I am old and gray,
do not abandon me, O God.
Let me proclaim your power to this new generation,
your mighty miracles to all who come after me.

What I’m Hearing from God Today…

What are you hearing today?

Good Stuff for You Alpha Male Types…

A couple of great quotes from Matt Chandler’s blog

It seems like the only alpha male I’ve ever read about that doesn’t have a messiah complex is the actual Messiah. I think about how often we get tired but pretend like we’re not, pushing on through like we’re some kind of superman, cape waving in the wind, feeling no pain or fatigue. Not Jesus. When he hits the wall he confesses it to his crew and sits down for a bit.

The last thing I’ll mention about Jesus’ life is that, when he was finally overwhelmed and exhausted right before the cross, he didn’t have sex with his secretary. He asked publicly for prayer.

Just a Little Sin…

It was just a little sin, a little insignificant lie. One told out of embarrassment and frustration. Just two little words…

Wrong number.

Actually, it was little insignificant lie #2. The first came just a few minutes before…

It’s already taken care of.

Funny thing about those little insignificant sins: They are huge blocks in one’s spirit, in one’s ability to focus on and hear from God.

My Prayer Today…

After discovering anew the Matthew 10 passage at the hospital this afternoon, I made it back to my office. I went down into the Prayer Room (Hey folks! Did you know we have a “prayer room?”) and spent some time with God. Here’s what I prayed and journaled…

Today, Lord, I ask You to call out workers into Your harvest. Send me out to work in Your fields.

Don’t let us get so enamored of “missions over there,” that we look right past “missions right here.” There are lost, confused, harassed and hurting people in our neighborhood. Help us tell them in ways they can understand that Your kingdom is here.

Help us bring health to the sick. Help us raise the dead to new life. Help us touch the untouchables and untouched. Help us kick out demons. Help us be generous people, giving what we have been given.

Help us see that we are all the equipment we need. Help us not to wait until we think we have all we need, for if we wait until the conditions are “just right,” we will never get busy about the awesome task at hand.

Give us the essentials – and help us be grateful, generous, and faithful to use these essentials to multiply the harvest.

Lead us to receptive people. Prepare the way and the hearts of people before us.

Show us those who are receptive. Give us wisdom and discernment to know when to persist, when to change, and when to move on!

Help us be wise but harmless.

Help us persevere even when the pressure is on, even when the pressure comes from those we love the most.

Keep us focused on You and Your vision and mission, even when others don’t understand or when they speak evil lies about us, or when they try to smear our reputations.

Help us to be bold and courageous, even in the face of persecution. No matter who the authorities are – civil, government, or even (especially!) religious! Give us courage. Give us the right words to share the Good News of Your kingdom. Speak through us.

Keep us from being intimidated. Help us not to fear the threats of bullies outside or inside powers-that-be. Help us to fear no one but You! Not men, not their opinions, not their threats, not their blind confusion, not their failure to see what You’re doing now.

Thank You for making us valuable, for loving us more than anything else.

Help us confess You before the world, so we can know the glory of You standing up for us in the presence of the Father.

Help us to be worthy of You and Your call.

Help us forget our own preferences, our own comfort, our own agendas, and focus with all we are and all we have on You and Your call.

Help us give away all that we now are, so we can become all that You truly mean for us to be.

Thank You for trusting us as Your partners in this awesome and daunting task! Help us not to be overwhelmed by its enormity and scope. But help us see the small things, the starting place – the first thirsty person who needs a drink of water. And help us give that cold cup of water unselfishly, as an offering of obedience to You.