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Month: June 2007 (page 1 of 3)

Half My Life…

I’ve been married for half of my life. To the same woman.

To the same gorgeous, lovely, wonderful woman.

Twenty-three years ago today, I stood at the front of Rainbow Park Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia and watched as the most beautiful woman I’ve seen before or since made her grand entrance. Wow!

Twenty-three years later, I wouldn’t trade a minute of the trip. Bumps and all.

Thanks, Buddy, for the greatest half-of-a-life any man could ever want.


What Is It About Wednesday Night?

Dang! For the last few weeks, every Wednesday night has left me just bummed out! I don’t really know why.

Our students show up at church, and they have a big time. After their meeting, I get to hang out for a while with the world’s greatest student pastor (and for the last month or so, the world’s greatest student pastor’s wife!). We laugh, we talk, we diss each other’s musical tastes, we drink coffee.

But I come home in a funk. And I stay in that funk usually until some time on Thursday afternoon.

No idea why, just wondering out loud, I guess…

Tuesday Night Unwind, 06.19.07…

Ottmar Liebert CD Cover

Breaking out another oldie-moldie-goldie for a wet Tuesday night unwind. If you look up “laid back” in the dictionary, Ottmar Liebert’s picture would probably be there. Well, if you looked it up in some sort of media-friendly digital dictionary, his music would be there! Kind of flamenco meets New Age.

Good stuff for a working Tuesday night, with this strange, unfamiliar wet stuff dropping out of the sky…