The local rag published a list of Things to Do on MLK Day in Atlanta, but they forgot to include several actual activities. Here’s a snarky, albeit honest list that reminds us of the the real meaning of this holiday, which ostensibly honors the vision and dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but has become an excuse for all kinds of ultra-liberal agenda advancement.

  • Distort Dr. King’s words about light driving out the darkness of hate to deepen the darkness of hate instead of driving it out by love, unity, and brotherhood.
  • Denigrate all those who disagree with you.
  • Blame white folks – especially white men, even those of good will – for all the problems in the whole wide world.
  • Use your civil rights icon status to act like a spoiled brat.
  • Take every opportunity to spew vitriolic hatred toward the President-elect.

So, there you have it. Watch for these actual events while you’re honoring the legacy of a  great American in your own way today.