(Image via iStockphoto.com)

…there was this guy who discovered blogging. And he was fascinated by the fact that anybody – even little ol’ he! – could hop on the Internet, write whatever came to mind, and it would go out to millions of people all over the world.

And so,  this guy started reading other blogs. And he copied their styles. And he learned that he had a voice as well. And he enjoyed it.

Oh, he never wrote about much that was profound or important. In fact, he mostly wrote about what he was thinking, doing, and seeing. And he enjoyed it.

Then one day, it stopped. It stopped because the guy got preoccupied with a lot of things. Like getting old, failing, and stress.

Oh, and somewhere along the way, he also discovered Twitter and Facebook, and he realized those formats offered a better platform for his brand of quick, cynical, sardonic hits. And he enjoyed it. And he forgot about the blog.

Except every now and again, when he would crack it open, blow the dust off, and look wistfully through the old posts. And he wanted to write something. Something important. Something profound. But he realized he would never write anything important or profound until he started writing something!

And so here we are. One more attempt at restarting the blog.