I’m a dabbler, a dilettante, if you will, in a lot of things. Jack of all, master of none, you get the idea…

Anyway, I’ve always kind of liked photography, though I’ve never been real serious about it.

I started out with a Polaroid Big Swinger that I “inherited” from my brother. Graduated later to a Kodak Ektra 1 (remember 110 film and FlipFlash?). Then, one of our wedding gifts to ourselves was the Nikon FG-20.

Just this week, I inherited a Vivitar ViviCam 5385 – this time from “The Boy” who got a new one – but that’s story for another day – some people have all the luck.

Anyway, most of my photography has been snapshot stuff of family gatherings, drum corps shows, vacations, and the like. Nothing real profound or beautiful or whatever.

This morning, while looking for something else, I came across a link to LIFE Magazine’s digital photography feature, 100 Photographs That Changed the World. I’m not sure I agree with all their picks, but there are some pretty poignant and significant images there.

It is true, that old saying, how many words one good picture is worth…