More Good…No, Great Stuff from PostModern Pilgrim!
One of the “new’ blogs I’ve linked to is PostModern Pilgrim. Check out what’s posted over there now.

I like these “necessary” things a witness needs to remember…

~~Work in a Team. Don’t ever go it alone. Paul always had others with him and picked up more people on the way.

~~ Live with the people. In the old mission days the missionaries lived in the Big House or the special place, locked and gated, a refuge from the heathen world they were trying to convert. Today we all need to live with the people to learn their language and culture and needs, not what we impose on them.

~~ Share both the Gospel and your life. In other words, don’t be aloof, but be a servant with the people.

~~ Set an example- in other words- disciple others. We all do it. We are always setting an example, so what is it you are going to share? Do you live like you believe- truly believe what you are saying is true?

In all of this never forget that God is present at all times in words, the Word, and Power.

And then these thoughts on the difference between recruiting members and making disciples…

~~ When you recruit members you are trying to bring people in.
~~ When you recruit disciples you are trying to send people out.
~~ Members are for us and our survival.
~~ Disciples are for others and for God’s Kingdom

After a long, long day yesterday…and “money (or lack thereof!) finance meeting last night at church…I needed these thoughts today! Actually, it would’ve been better if I had them at the meeting last night. There’s just something so…cheesy and manipulative about trying to get people “in church” just so “our financial problems can be solved.”