Re-reading an Old Favorite
I’ve begun re-reading Bill M. Sullivan’s Ten Steps to Breaking the 200 Barrier. I got this little book “way back” in 1989 or so. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time. Now, I’m aware of the perceived “shortcomings” of the church growth “movement.” And I understand that, in today’s culture, there is a trend toward smaller, more intimate, less institutional expressions of “church.” But I also understand – and appreciate that in my tribe, in this location, the primary understanding is still the church as a cultural institution.

I’m wondering about the practicality/wisdom of trying to “impose” something new without a critical mass to see it through to fruition. Yes, the goal – primary and ultimate – is to develop maturing believers with a radical commitment to Jesus and His Kingdom. But there has to be some pool of people to draw from.

To me, the 200 level seems about right. There’s enough people to do the things that are “expected” of the church. Yet, it’s small enough to foster and encourage intimacy in the fellowship. I’ll be posting some insights from Sullivan’s little book as I go.