Holiday Party?
OK, OK! I admit it! I want to go to a holiday party!

Not one of those”all-church” put-on-a-happy-sappy-face, Rudolph-and-Santa-and-Frosty-sweaters, Christmas-tree-socks kind of affairs. I mean a party!

Where people dress up. Stylish. Classy.

Where good conversation and good food abound.

Where people aren’t trying to impress others with how “holy” they are.

I mean a gathering that’s just about having a big time.

I mean where the kind of stuff on the Starbucks “A Merry Affair” CD is playing in the background. Where Diana Krall wishes me a merry Christmas. Where Charles Brown tells the world he’ll be home for Christmas. Where Ray Charles tries to convince Betty Carter that it’s cold outside. Where Mel Torme offers a simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92. Where Jim Brickman and George Winston back up a gourmet dinner.

Real glasses. Real china. Real silver.
No plastic cups. No paper plates. No throwaway utensils.

Cool little hors d’oeuvres. Festive little toothpick thingies.

Where candles sparkle. Where the tasteful Christmas tree twinkles.

A grown-up Christmas party, I guess.

Where real laughter is heard.

Where I steal a little “smacky-do” standing under the mistletoe with my wife. Where she looks like a million bucks in a little black dress.

OK, pinch me! I guess I’ll make do at the church-wide brunch this Sunday!