Haunted…Unpacked a Little
A couple of days before Christmas, I dropped this little post about the “Christmas Ghosts” into this space. I mentioned a “Christmas Ghost” that Mr. Dickens didn’t know about…The Ghost of Christmas-That-Never-Is-What-You-Think-It-Will-Be. The night I wrote that, I didn’t feel much like saying any more about it. So, here we are, two weeks after the fact, and here’s what I meant…

First, it ought to be a law that any school personnel only get one week off for Christmas…um, I mean…winter break! That’s about the maximum amount of time she can stand it! We all seem to do a lot better when we have our “regular” routines.

Second, there’s really nothing like using your “Christmas money” to catch up on normal, run-of-the-mill expenses. That kind of stinks!

Third, it ought to be another law that teenagers have the Christmas spirit at Christmas at least. The “one-week” law (see above) ought to apply to them as well.

It just seems that we get all worked up preparing for Christmas, or some idealized version of it, and then the reality sets in, and it’s a letdown by the time it actually gets here.

Oh,well, I guess we’re just disgustingly normal, huh?

By the way, the saddest place/time in the world? Wal-Mart’s Christmas section, December 27. The second saddest? Starbucks, without the eggnog lattè or the Christmas decorations, etc., January 5.