Keith Drury is Thinking. And Writing About It!
“For instance I�ve been thinking that my greatest mistake has been theological�I�ve not fully grasped the importance of the church. I�ve been a true �man of the enlightenment� in emphasizing individuality� personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a personal walk with God, personal devotions�to the exclusion of the corporate elements of Christianity. I�ve got to think more on this before writing, but I�m increasingly thinking that there is no such thing as just a �personal relationship with Jesus Christ� apart from a relationship with the church. I know, I know�this sounds incredibly Catholic. But I�ve been wrong to ignore the central role of the body of Christ in the life of a real Christian�not just to helps Christians be better people or to be a locker room for real life outside the church, but I�m increasingly pondering the thought that there is so salvation outside the church. I�m fed up with a world charmed by Jesus who reject the church. But the world�s dismissal of the church is not my central concern�but Christian�s dismissal of it.”