The Incredible Power of Setting Goals
Ever know people who seem to get virtually everything they want out of life? You know the ones, the ones who are always achieving the next thing on their list.

This neat little post over at Worthwhile says the list may just be the catalyst for achieving the things on it!

“Can success really be as simple as a list, a notebook, a collage, whatever it is that moves an idea out of the ether and closer to reality? Goal-setters and fly-by-seats-of-pantsers: what’s given you the things that make you as happy as that screaming soccer announcer?”

I wonder how many of us really sit down and determine what’s most important in our lives, and then expend whatever energy it takes to make those things a reality.

I spent part of today with one of these guys, I think. What I like so much about him is that he knows what he believes God is calling him to accomplish. Others around him say it can’t or won’t happen. Others around him say he’s too arrogant to think about things the way he does. But he has a goal, and a plan to reach that goal! I don’t know if he has a list, but he’s making progress.