Too Cool for School?
One of my favorite “new” places on the Web is Worthwhile Magazine. One of my favorite writers over there is Anita Sharpe. Her current article is about whether high school determines a person’s destiny. She writes

“It started me thinking of people who revolutionized our culture who were not cool in high school: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg. . .

Did their lack of popularity spur them on to their later greatness, or did the individual vision that made them great preclude any possibility of conforming to high school coolness?”

Dealing with a college freshman, who wanted more than anything to be “cool” in high school, and who is having a hard time “letting go” and starting fresh in college made me notice the article.

It also reminds me that we aren’t stuck being who and what we are or were. God’s grace changes us. The old guy passes away and all things are new! Our problem? Letting the new guy live and the old guy stay dead. It’s a daily struggle!