Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball
Last night I got a call from one of our “sometime” attender/members. He’s a great guy with a good heart. Just out of the blue, he wanted to talk about something that had “been bothering” him.

“Pastor Charlie, do you ever do any “end times teaching” down there at the church?” I replied that I don’t have charts diagrams and a whole “scheme” of the end times and all that, but that I do teach the Bible.

He pressed on: “Well, I’m reading in the RevelationSSS” – I love that! – “and I just wondered where you think we are in the seven trumpets. I think we’re right there between the fifth trumpet and the sixth trumpet, and I think time is growing short! What do you think, Pastor Charlie?”

Interestingly, during my devotional time yesterday morning, I had been focusing on Acts 1. The disciples were totally interested in when Jesus would restore the kingdom to Israel – “end times” stuff, right? And what was His response?

“Don’t worry about that stuff. The Father has it under control. You get busy about what I’m telling you to do…wait for the power, get going, and as you’re going along, tell others about Me and how there is forgiveness and life-change when a person turns to Me.” That’s the “Charlie translation,” of course.

I made it a point to tell my friend that, while the “end times” stuff is interesting and even important, I don’t think it’s the main thing. Jesus told us to watch out for the “signs” and all that. But He emphasized that we should “occupy” until He comes back, ever ready for the return, but seriously engaged in the task of sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God.