1106? That’s the number of calories my FitLinxx computer thingy at the Y calculated my indoor cycling class workout burned today! 1106?

I wasn’t real sure about how a class thing would work. I was worried about keeping up with the pace. I was worried about what a dorky looking geek I’d be. I was worried about all that stuff. Turns out almost everyone else had the same thoughts. Well, except for that cyclist guy with the fancy little shoes!

Anyway, here’s what I discovered…

  • The group setting really keeps me encouraged and motivated. The guy next to me is an old not-quite-as-dumpy guy, and we managed to keep each other pedaling even when we felt like quitting.
  • The instructor challenges us, but she also understands we’re at different places and different paces.
  • Water bottles spill. And when they do, they make a mess. A slippery mess. Even if you’re not the one who spilled your water, you still get wet. And you laugh about it, help her clean it up, and go on about your business.
  • It’s not about fancy clothes or equipment. It’s about your attitude and your willingness to improve.
  • You can actually pray while you’re pedaling! In fact, God brings specific issues and people to your mind while you’re pedaling.
  • You can actually think while you’re pedaling! Being anchored to that seat gives you time to consider where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there.
  • Something you dreaded at first can become something you really can’t do without.

Oh, and did I mention I burned 1106 calories? 1106! I’ll take it!