I Gotta Bad Feeling About This – Redux!
I’m no military expert. I don’t even play one on TV. I’m not so sure about this war business though. I thought – maybe naively – that we’d be a little closer to achieving our objectives by now. Just a hunch, a gut feeling – totally uninformed, of course – but it seems to me if it goes on like this much longer, we’re going to be in a real quagmire that we can’t easily get out of. If we’re going to lay siege to Baghdad, as some seem to think, and not go in and take it swiftly, we’re setting ourselves up for a whole new slew of problems. Then what are we going to do? Just pack it in at the end of a long, drawn-out campaign, and say, “Oh, well. We didn’t really mean it this time, either. Thanks for playing. What’s the consolation prize for the Iraqis, Johnny?”

I hope not.

I pray not.

If we are setting out to liberate the Iraqi people from an evil dictator, let’s do it. If not…well, if not, why did we start something like this in the first place?

Just some random thoughts on a Friday night…