One of my favorite people I’ve discovered on the Web has been Randy Bohlender. (I’ve blogged about Rev. Burning Man before! His mug has even graced this space before!)

Once upon a time, we almost met face to face. But alas, it was not meant to be. So I’ve just kept up virtually with Randy and his incredible family through a lot of adventures via the Web.

You want to know why he’s one of my favorite finds? Because along with all the cool trips, the powerful standing in the gap in some of the most strategic places in the world, and the slightly(?) off-kilter sense of humor, Randy writes stuff like this

Despite the fact that I suspect I disagree with them on most issues of major importance in my life, I find Larry, Marian, Andie (and prior BM whizGirl, Jess the Nurse) to be more than interesting. They are wonderful. My religious beliefs serve as a bridge, not a wall. As I told Marian today “My faith enables me to see you as who you are – a child of God…a God who is intensely interested in you. My faith compells me to love you.”

Somewhere along the way, we lost what it means to be witnesses to the people we come in contact with. We became salesmen at best, and incredibly judgmental Pharisees at worst. We get on people’s cases because they don’t include enough law and sinfulness and judgment when they “present the gospel” and we sneer at their attempts to live out the ways and methods of Jesus as apprentices.

Randy gets it. And may I get it, too!