Went to the Y first thing this morning, as usual.

Double-Your-Cardio-Double-Your-Fun Friday, as usual.

Checked in with one of my Coach-Approach trainers/slave drivers/drill sergeants as I was finishing up my workout. She was “just telling this new guy about” me…

She: Go ahead, Charlie, tell him how much weight you’ve lost!
Me: About 27 pounds.
She: See! Isn’t that great?!?!

A little more small talk, off to the locker room, the shower, and the dreaded scales, as usual.

Oh, as I was leaving the building, I ran into the same trainer/slave driver/drill sergeant…

Me: I lied to you a little while ago.
She: Lied to me? About what?
Me: About that 27 pounds.
She: Well, we all fudge our numbers from time to time. You’ll get back on track. Don’t worry about it. Keep plugging. Hang in there.
Me: Uhhh…it’s…uh, 29 pounds as of today…