A Pretty Good Way to Turn 47…

It’s been a pretty good couple of days – that pesky “another year older” thing notwithstanding! Here’s kind of what’s happened thus far to make the beginning of my 47th year pretty good…

  • Cryptic phone and email messages all week from the best big brother I ever had, culminating today with a long, long list of “Happy Birthday” songs done by every kind of artist you can imagine – and some you can’t, and don’t want to imagine!
  • Spent the day with the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” in Dahlonega, Georgia on Saturday – and then she treated me to a couple of new shirts!
  • Yesterday “The Boy” drove 240+ miles just to surprise me for my birthday! Cool surprise, no doubt! You just can’t beat lunch with the family at LongHorn – love that marinated salmon and steamed veggies! Oh, and then he turned around and drove back to school.
  • Oh, I almost forgot…the very-much-appreciated Starbucks gift card from the world’s best youth pastor and his wife! Thanks, guys!
  • Nifty little one-of-a-kind bookmark from the only real! live! newspaper columnist I know!
  • Facebook birthday wishes from all over! Thanks, gang!
  • Calls from Martha and Howard!
  • See those three books above this post? Yeah, those! Pretty sweet and different additions to the ol’ library, courtesy of some birthday gift cards! Oh, I’ve already started on all three of ’em!
  • A brand-new notebook and new pens…just waiting to be used! Yes!
  • A little plumbing job in the kitchen.
  • A little medical records errand for “The Boy.”
  • FREE! birthday dinner at my favorite little Eye-talian place. ($14, including tip, for both of us to eat – A LOT! Plus, the company of the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie,” and the great, great sounds of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Lady Ella, Louis Prima, and the Velvet Fog, just to name a few!)
  • Now, a little Chris Tomlin Radio on Pandora, and a little Sumatra from my French press are making for a perfect unwind to a pretty good day!