A Quick, But Unscientific Study of Bloggers

In an earlier post, I mentioned the what-I-think-is-rather-cool feature of Blogger called “Next Blog.”

A little while ago, I was sitting, drinking a cup of tea, and playing around with the Next Blog thingy. Here are some discoveries…

There are a lot of young, I mean really young bloggers out there!

There are a lot of foreign…um, “international”, excuse me, PC crowd…bloggers out there!

There are a lot of both of those kinds of bloggers that I can’t understand. Because of the “international” language – and the, shall we say, “not so polite” language! I know, I know…everybody talks that way, and they don’t necessarily mean to be profane or foul-mouthed. (Yes, I have an 18-year-old son, with 18-year-old buddies!) I’m not really shocked, just interested, I guess.

There are a lot of hopeless and cynical bloggers out there. Now, that may just be a characteristic of our times and our culture. But it seems that the doors are wide open…the fields are ready to harvest if we can find some meaningful ways to engage them, even in, especially in their hopelessness and cynicism.

There are a lot of interesting bloggers out there. I mean, people are literally blogging about every imaginable subject. And some that aren’t even in the imagination of lots of people!