America’s Most Literate Cities…

Thanks to Eileen McDargh for news of this interesting study done each year by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. It measures standards of educational level, publications, library resources, booksellers, etc. in cities of over 200,000 population. Pretty interesting results.

The Top Ten?

  1. Minneapolis, MN
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Madison, WI
  5. Cincinnati, OH
  6. Washington, DC
  7. Denver, CO
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Portland, OR
  10. San Francisco, CA

Oh, Atlanta? Came in number 15 overall.

The other interesting result? Most of these cities are waaaayyyy too cold in the winter, and the people all talk funny! I’ll take number 15, and keep the weather and the drawl just the way they are, thank you very much!

One other note…the study caught my eye because the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was the site of many of my very favorite summer days back in high school (also known as many moons ago, when Moses was a corporal). We drove up to Whitewater from South Georgia every year for the Drum Corps International Midwestern Championships on the campus of UWW.