OK, if you’re a regular reader in this space (and who’s not?!?!?) you’ve been introduced to a group of guys that I get the great privilege of hanging out with from time to time…

You’ve met Revdude, a Methodist (gasp!) who has a knack for finding the most obscure bits of Internet news and weirdness. Oh, he’ll also call you up for lunch and listen to your moaning and whining, and before you know it, life won’t be so bad after all!

You’ve met the-one-and-only-thank-goodness Gary Lamb. (I put that link there on Gary’s name just to be consistent…don’t even bother clicking on it, as he has yet to post anything!) Gary is best described by that phrase from the movie The Fly: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Seriously, underneath all that “stuff” he’s a focused and successful church planter.

You’ve met TMc. Tony pastors a church in a movie theater. And gets you free gigs with leadership gurus. And funerals. And creative ideas by the big ol’ boatload.

I think I may have even talked a time or two about KenBob. Well…KenBob is in the blogging business now! Ken is the pastor I want to be. He’s made the jump from the “traditional” thing to doing a really neat God-thing in a young and thriving “after-modern” church. You’ll get a lot of good insight and encouragement – and probably a dose of Eric Clapton somewhere along the way from KenBob. Oh…he’s the one who coined one of my favorite phrases:

“I made a commitment this weekend to grow old LOUD!”

Check these guys out. You’ll be glad you did!