For the first several months of this humble attempt at a Weblog’s existence, it was known by the title “Straddling the Gap.” It was so named because I thought it was cool, and because I was trying to find a toehold in the postmodern world, while I had one foot firmly planted in modernity.

I got kind of tired of that and thus, “Just Charlie” took its place.

Today, though, I’ve been thinking about that whole “gap” thing – a divide between what is and what could be, what is and what should be, and I’m giving a lot of thought about going back to “Straddling the Gap.”

This time, though, I’m not talking about the gap between the modern world and the postmodern. I’m talking about a gap that may be a larger and more imposing gap: the gap between knowing and doing.

See, I believe with all my heart that we know a whole lot more about what we should be doing – in our personal lives, our relationships, our churches, our work, our world – than what we actually do. We can talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, most of us aren’t accomplishing even a little bit of what God has designed and empowered us to do.

It’s all a matter of getting to the work, the task at hand. I thought about this as I bought a couple of new books today. We’re looking for the magic bullet that will be THE KEY! to getting us from knowing to doing. The bad news is, there is no THE KEY! No magic bullet. No one tool that will move us along. It’s up to us to take the knowledge and tools we already have, and put them to effective use fulfilling the purpose of God for our lives.

That’s it! That’s the thing! Easy, huh?

Yep, real easy to identify it. Real tough to make it happen.

Here’s a deal you can’t afford to refuse: If you pray for me to get over the knowing-doing gap, I’ll do the same for you? Deal? Thanks!