Well, at least right now, it seems to be the center of the “church world” in Woodstock, Georgia.

Location: The Serene Bean, Olde Town Woodstock
Sound: “Mas Que Nada,” the original, from when Sergio Mendes was with Brasil 66, not Will.i.am

Why is it the center of the church world? Right now, there is a pastor sitting outside with his laptop. There is another pastor sitting at the table next to me with his laptop. And there is what appears to be a pastor with one of his leaders. The pastor has apparently recently discovered Robert Lewis’s Culture Shift and is passionately trying to convince the leader that their church needs to shift its culture. Good luck, dude…I don’t think he’s buying it yet.)

Wait! Hold the presses! It’s the other leader who has discovered the book, and he’s the one trying to do the convincing! It’s the pastor who’s resisting! Cool!