You may have surmised, if you read my post after the Georgia-Georgia Tech game the other day, that I’m not really a big Dawgs fan. That’s kind of funny, because I have been a pretty big fan of their coaches.

This article about the “hot seat” reminds me why I like Coach Richt…

That’s where player after player, person after person, senior after senior, stepped up and Georgia became a team.

“It’s what unites us,” [quarterback D.J.]

Shockley said.

Four years, that chair has sat there. They call it “the hot seat.” Each August, players � seniors primarily � are asked to sit there. Every Georgia player and every coach is right there with them. And then they just tell their story. However painful, however difficult, they tell it.

And this…

“That is what brings you that much closer together,” [junior rover Tra] Battle said. “You get past the realization that it is not just your teammate, but this is your brother. This a family member. This is someone that you love. And that is reality of what the hot seat is intended to do.”

Not in a selfish, self-serving my-life-was-more-difficult-than-yours manner, but in a way that allows teammates to understand each other. That’s why [safety Greg] Blue stepped up and told his story.

“It let them know that I can trust them,” he said. “Usually, you don’t tell everybody what you have been going through, but I was able to tell my teammates and my coaches what has been going on in my life.”

And the team starts to understand the person more than the player.