‘Cause John Kruk Said So…

John Kruk was one of those real “characters” in professional sports. (Remember when he faced Randy Johnson in the All-Star Game?)

Anyway, Kruk is now an analyst – a “color man,” if you will – for ESPN. He lists five reasons not to count the Atlanta Braves out of the pennant race just yet…

  1. Starting pitching. When all their starting pitching gets healthy, they’re as good as anybody.

  2. Leadoff hitter. Rafael Furcal will turn his season around and ignite the offense.

  3. The rookies. They’re getting a lot of experience and that can only help coming down the stretch.

  4. The Jones factor. Chipper and Andruw will not let this team lose. How do I know? They don’t know losing.

  5. Bobby Cox. The best manager going. Enough said.

Better hurry up, I say!