My message today was “Building a Better Marriage” in a series called “Upside Down Living.” I used Jesus’s words about “leaving and cleaving” from Mark 10. To illustrate the point, I gave everyone in attendance a green paper heart, a blue paper heart, and a glue stick.

At the beginning of the message, I asked them to paste the paper hearts together. The finished product looked something like this:

I talked about leaving your past and being joined together as one flesh with your spouse in intimate unity. Then, at the conclusion of the message, I asked everyone to separate the blue heart from the green heart. The results were something like this:

We noticed right away that there was no longer a blue heart and a green heart. Instead, the hearts had really become part of each other, and you separated them only with great ripping and damage.

Cheesy? Probably. Did our folks get the point? I think so…