Christmas Eve…

The lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” is sound asleep. “The Boy” is out celebrating. I’m listening to the Jazz Holidays channel on Pandora. I’m working my way through a French press full of Christmas Blend

  • The more I think about it, especially with the funky way the school calendar falls this year, the more I’m inclined to celebrate Christmas the “old-fashioned” way. You know, start decorating, etc. on Christmas Eve, then have twelve days of simple but joyful celebration. Just a thought in an exhausted, frustrated mind.
  • I’m worried about not having the right kinds or amounts of Christmas gifts, and somebody in our area is spending the night in the hospital after a head-on collision about 3 miles from our house. Oh, and somebody else’s daughter is dead – along with her passenger and her unborn child. I’m praying for these families tonight. Won’t you?
  • I’m trying to formulate the right words to say if I get the chance tomorrow.
  • An awful lot of people were at the Y this morning doing a preemptive strategic strike on Christmas calories.
  • Our neighbor really does talk in more than monosyllabic sounds!
  • I’m determined to be a better husband, dad, leader, communicator, boss, son, and friend starting now.
  • John Maxwell is right: Talent Is Never Enough.
  • We had an intimate and elegant dinner this Christmas Eve. At Chick-Fil-A, just before they closed.
  • I have some gifts ordered, but they didn’t get here in time.
  • What time does the last Christmas Eve service in our area start?
  • I scored some small but thoughtful and practical gifts from Y members today. Cool!
  • I helped one of the neatest ladies get back on track with her fitness program. I had helped her daughter about a month ago. And the daughter specifically asked me to help her mom. Very cool!
  • If the M in YMCA stands for “Men’s,” why is everything so “girlie?”
  • I’m still digging Gesu Bambino!