OK, so our church wasn’t among the “cool” churches. OK, so my staff probably won’t think I’m all that great of a boss. OK, so we didn’t have setup/teardown issues. OK, so we didn’t make a fancy-schmancy DVD to give out to our folks so they could worship at home. All that stuff is great – and I truly mean that.

All I know is we had three – count ’em – three families who came to “our place” on Christmas morning, because some other places had closed for the day. Will we ever see them again? I don’t know. Did they have an opportunity to hear about Jesus? You bet! Was it a hassle to do the Saturday night Christmas Eve thing and then get up and do something else Sunday morning Christmas Day? Yep! Am I any better than those who did it differently? Nope!

But all that aside, we did have a great Christmas Eve service and a great Christmas Day service! Here’s some pics from the Christmas Day deal…yep, that’s food – a lot of food! And yep, that’s the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” putting the finishing touches on a great spread! And yep, that’s “The Boy” doing his very best waiter imitation, filling up orange juice and iced tea cups.