Today has been a “clean out the clutter” day…in more than one way!

I got up this morning and went to the office to wait for a meeting, and while I was there, I just started throwing out junk that has accumulated over the last while. Just that little bit of cleaning out freed up some space in my office and made it a bit neater and more usable.

When my day started today, I had 338 feeds on Google Reader! 338! Now, I love this whole blogging thing, but I’ve come to realize lately that the value in blogging (at least for me) is actually blogging. Writing. Contributing. Not the sometimes mindless monitoring of over 300 blog feeds. Don’t get me wrong: I do find quite a bit of information that makes me go “hmmmm!” and “a-ha!” But I discovered (admitted?) that I really have gotten caught up in the whole echo chamber thing. So I cleaned out my feeds. For now, at least, I’ve pared it down to 197. That’s still a lot, and the potential for wasted time is great. But it’s manageable. The Turk may strike again before it’s over.

Finally, tonight, back at the office, I had a good, long time of praying, reading, thinking, reflecting, etc. And I got to clean out some clutter from my mind and my soul. Funny how cleaning out the clutter in one area often leads to more of the same in others.