I had coffee with Craig Groeschel this afternoon.

Well, actually I had coffee with Craig Groeschel’s book Confessions of a Pastor which was in the mail at the office.

I got it out of the mailbox at 11:45 a.m. and headed to my table at my other office. I finished the book at about 1:30 p.m.! Couldn’t put it down. It really grabbed me and spoke to some issues I’m facing in my own life and ministry. Now I’m going to spend the next little while going back through it with a new Moleskine and sharp Black Warrior, a little more deliberately this time.

Here are a couple of quotes from the quick read…

  • You’d think that becoming a “man of the cloth” (whatever that means) would have shaken the deceit right out of me. But as a young pastor, I simply turned pro. (p.9)
  • Somewhere on my journey…I forgot that God called me…not to be like a pastor, but to be like Christ. (p. 10)
  • I had become a full-time minister and a part-time follower of Christ. (p. 11)

I’m starting the slow read with Chapter 3, which is titled…

Most of the Time I Feel Incredibly Lonely

…and includes this quote…

So you create impossible standards for yourself and daily put on your best performance for others. The show must go on. And so does the loneliness. (p. 65)

If you didn’t get in on the giveaway of this book, let me urge you to run, not walk and pick it up as soon as you can.