Beat. Worn-out. Exhausted. What other synonyms can you walking thesauruses (thesaurii?) come up with?

Let’s see… how’d it go?

Headed out for our “sunrise”service. I thought Easter was supposed to be in the spring! Not stinkin’ winter! Oh, well…one of the stillest, quietest mornings I remember in a long, long time. And I wondered if that first Easter morning was kind of the same way.

Great spread at the early thing, thanks to the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie.” Oh, and Alaura the Dunkin Donuts gal who wondered aloud why I thought Easter was the biggest day of the year. And who considered the claims of Jesus for the very first time behind the counter at the donut place.

Good turnout at the early thing, including a couple I met at one of those “rent-a-pastor” funerals a couple of months ago.

Almost went to see The Mad Babbler at RidgeStone’s 9:00 Easter service, but did a last-minute lookover of my message for 11:00. And spent some time hanging with some of our church folks.

Double our usual crowd at 11:00. Lots of guests. Most connected to our folks in some way or another. Not a home run on the message, but maybe a run-scoring double. We’ll see…

Good to hang out with “The Boy” for a few minutes.

Went to three places before finding a place open for lunch. Ended up at good ol’ Provino’s. Stuffed with lasagna. (Note: Spring break and Easter are now officially over – gotta hit the Y – and hard! – tomorrow!)

Note #2: If it’s in the shape of an egg, and if it has a brightly-colored foil wrapper, and if it says something like “Dove Dark Chocolate” on it, just put it down and walk away. I’ll take care of the situation!

After lunch, watched another good game. (Note to my buddy Roger: I know we’re only six games into the season. I know y’all whacked us 11-1 on Friday. I know your whole lineup is pretty potent from top to bottom. I know your guys can pitch. I know it’s a long, long way to September yet, but I think y’all are going to have some company atop the National League East this year. Going to be fun again, maybe…)

Kutless and Hillsong on right now for the Sunday afternoon unwind. Dozing.

Speaking of Hillsong, I know it shows my old-cootness, but I am still blown away for some reason by the fact that I can order sheet music from Australia on Saturday night, and have it in the service Sunday morning! Amazin’ ain’t, Tom?!?!

That pretty much wraps up Easter ’07. Long day. Good day. Jesus is alive.