Don’t Waste Your Cancer

Old hat by now for most of you, but I was challenged again today by John Piper’s words about cancer, and not wasting it. It goes for other “circumstances” in our lives, as well. If God really is sovereign, then there really are only two ways for anything – anything! – to happen in our lives: God either causes it to happen, or He allows it to happen.

Either way, He’s got our best interest – and His glory – in mind.

Don’t waste one minute of those circumstances. Get everything out of them God intends.

(NOTE: Especially to those friends and family members who may be reading this post and wondering, “Is there something you need to tell us about your, uh, physical condition?” I do not, to my knowledge, have cancer in any shape or form. I’m just posting something that challenged me today. Move along, nothing to see here…)