From the Weekend…

Just some stuff from the last couple of days…

  • Love the high 40s in the mornings!
  • Love the clear blue skies!
  • Kind of hoping and praying that those clear blue skies will turn a little overcast and wet later this week!
  • Saturday road trip with the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie” was a mixed bag.
  • Road trip report #1: Great to just hop in the car with destination in mind, but not under any schedule, time constraints, pressure, etc. (Should have had the Rain Man soundtrack on in the car, I guess!)
  • Road trip report #2: From the time I turned off the main road to get to the Ellijay Apple Festival, I sat in major traffic for over 37 minutes! Seems a few thousand of our closest friends decided to take the same Saturday road trip! Bottom line: We passed by the festival site, but didn’t even stop!
  • Road trip report #3: Fresh, hot fried apple pies at the B.J. Reece Apple House…mmm, mmm, GREAT! Add in a few minutes picking a bag of Winesaps, and it’s even better!
  • Road trip report #4: I love where we live! North Georgia in the fall is outstanding!
  • Road trip report #5: The road to Amicalola Falls was worse than the road to the Apple Festival. Paid our $3 daily park fee, and found that there was not a single parking space to be found inside the park! Drove through, drove up to the Lodge, drove back down and around the pool at the base of the falls, and headed out the exit! The most people I’ve ever seen at that place! Ever!
  • Road trip report #6: Coffee from Starbucks, $4.73. Rhythm Country and Blues CD, forgotten in the car, $9.98 original price. Spending the entire day, unhurried and unscheduled, with the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie”…well, you know the rest!
  • Jackets win! Eagles snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Classy move by Coach Richt after Georgia survives at Vandy. And hey! How ’bout them Kentucky Wildcats!?!?!
  • 3 miles around Heritage Park is a good way to cap off a fall Saturday!
  • Slim crowd at church today. Good preaching. My new favorite song? In Christ Alone, by Stuart Townend.
  • Pretty good leadership team meeting this afternoon.
  • Even slimmer crowd for the evening service. GREAT teaching from Colossians!
  • A cup of green tea and cooling out. Won’t be long ’til head hits pillow…good night!