I just noticed that the Conference is going to be held at The Arena at Gwinnett , NOT North Point Church, as I said earlier! Whew! Glad I saw that!

UPDATE, Monday, 10.03.05…I just made my reservation -for FREE! – for the Catalyst Conference. It is true…if you’re a Georgia pastor, they’re waiting for you to call. I called 888.473.3979, and I think I pressed Option #3. I didn’t speak to “Mack,” but a very nice woman named Melissa Kruse helped me out and fixed me up. I’m waiting for aI just got my confirmation e-mail, and I’ll pick up my FREE tickets at the “will call” place at the conference on Thursday morning! Cool, huh?

My buddy, Tony McCollum, gave me a heads-up today about the upcoming Catalyst Conference at North Point Church here in Atlanta. Seems the “rumor” TMc was talking about was that the Catalyst folks are offering a free registration to Georgia pastors. I called – 888.473.3979 – and inquired about this tremendous opportunity. Sure enough, the guy I talked to said it was true, and he gave the name of the other guy who’s handling those free registrations. It was almost quittin’ time, so I left my information on the guy’s voice mail, and I’m expecting a call back from him first thing Monday.

Now, I don’t know how long this deal is going to last – I assume up until the time of the conference. But if you’re a pastor in Georgia, it may be worth your while to give MackMelissa Kruse a call at 888.473.3979, and ask to be signed up.

I went to the very first Catalyst back in 2000, and it was without a doubt, one of the best and most productive conferences I’ve ever been to. I learned a lot, but it was the atmosphere – breathing the same air as some of the best (cough cough) younger leaders around.

So again, if you’re a pastor in Georgia, and you can free up next Thursday and Friday, October 6-7, it might worth your investment in your ministry to call MackMelissa Kruse at 888.473.3979. You can’t beat the conference – or the price!