I’m re-reading Tom Peters’s little Reinventing Work series. The first book in the series, The Brand You 50, includes this great quote that should be required reading for every American in the face of the mentality that has led to the socialistic government power grab, euphemistically known as the “stimulus package”…

America has always been the Self-Help Nation. Bootstrap Nation. Pioneer Nation. In the early years of our democracy, everybody provided for themselves and their families (and their neighbors in time of need). Nobody expected to be taken care of. Self-reliance, independence, and the freedom that goes with them were what we stood for, what defined us. And then, about 150 years ago, when Giant Corp. arrived on the scene (Giant Govt. came about 75 years later), we started to lose “it.” Our Franklinian “it.” Our Emersonian “it.” We succumbed — exactly the right word — to Babbittry. To Big Corp.-That-Will-Be-Mummy-and-Daddy-for-Life.

My take (redux): It stunk (and stinks) to high heaven.

But¬†… Gloria, Gloria, Gloria¬†… It Is Over!

Oh, that Tom Peters would be heard loud and clear by our alleged “leaders” at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue! Oh, that his manifesto would once again become the watchword of Americans of all stripes! And, oh that it would be before we sink further into the abyss of socialism!