In more ways than you thought! Here are some of the highlights…
(NOTE: The following account contains a secret hidden message…it’s invisible.)

  • Deposited a great card and a special mix CD in the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie’s” car before she headed off to work this morning. (Put it this way…any mix CD that starts off with The Manhattans’ Shining Star, includes goodies like Josh Groban, Larry Graham, and Sinatra’s They Can’t Take That Away from Me is a super-duper way to start off a Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?)
  • Good, no, great! workout this morning at the Y! (The unexpected “heart day” thing!)
  • The “big scales” at the Y show that there’s 19 pounds less of me than there was at the first of the year! Woo hoo! (The unexpected “heart day” thing, part dos!)
  • Immediately after the workout, headed over to check my blood pressure. (Remember my comedian doctor was concerned about the bottom number?) Well…the bottom number is just about where she wanted it to be – and that was right after a long, pretty strong workout! (The unexpected “heart day” thing, part the third!)
  • Great breakfast with our senior adults!
  • Goodies for the lovely and gracious “Mrs. Just Charlie!” (Including a very funny encounter with a lingerie saleswoman/grandma at Macy’s! Let’s just say I’ve got two valentines this year!)
  • Candles, roses, chocolate covered strawberries (that I made!)
  • Grilled salmon with with mustard dill sauce, ginger rice, asparagus with lemon butter (that I made!)
  • And the piece de resistance…raspberry vanilla cheesecake (that I also made!)

Hope your “heart day” was – still is! – a great day, too!