How to Promote Paradigm Shift in Your Organization…

OK, here’s the last post from/about Frost & Hirsch’s The Shaping of Things to Come

The chapter on leadership and imagination is worth the price of the book to me. They talk about how leaders need to encourage and foster a shift in the way the people in their churches see things. It’s that old paradigm shift thing. Frost & Hirsch list some ways to help that process along.

  • Encourage Holy Dissatisfaction: Provoke a basic discontent with what is and so awaken a desire to move toward what could be
  • Embrace Subversive Questioning: Behind every question there’s a quest
  • Become a Beginner: Leave the “expert stuff” for someone else
  • Take More Risks
  • Create a Climate for Change
  • Ask a Fool
  • Break Out
  • Learn from Mistakes
  • Try a Different Approach
  • Get Out of Your Box
  • Combine Different Ideas
  • Dig Deeper
  • “Good Enough Never Is”
  • Try a Lot of Stuff – Keep What Works
  • Accept that Mistakes Will Be Made
  • Be Challenged
  • Adopt a Genius
  • Brainstorm
  • Take Notes
  • Exercise Creativity
  • Define Your Problem As Simply As Possible