Image: "funeral 139" by pepa garcia

Image: “funeral 139” by pepa garcia

One day, more than likely, every one of us is going to die. And more than likely, at least someone will have something to say about us, our lives, and our legacy. Someone will remember us. The question today is: How will they remember us? What will be the characteristic of our lives that stands out above all else?

I thought about that question today, after a couple of interactions with friends, digital and real. It turns out if I died today – based on those two interactions – I would be remembered as a “nattering Nabob of negativism” who sits around and posts on Facebook all day long.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Stephen Covey suggested a powerful exercise: visualizing our own funeral. As we look ahead in our minds to what those people gathered there might say, we begin to have a pretty good idea of our core values and what makes us who we are.

Is my life right now indicative of how I want to be remembered at the end of my life? If not, I have some work to do.

Let’s get busy.