…today’s the day. One Welsh scientist has devised a formula that proves January 23 is the gloomiest day of the year. The article also includes these paragraphs…

It might be expected that a formula for unhappiness would be created in Britain. According to Ruut Veenhoven, a sociologist at Erasmus University Rotterdam and creator of a new “life satisfaction index,” Britain is ranked below 20 other nations, including far poorer countries like Ghana, Mexico and Uruguay, when it comes to happiness.

The index, which asked people in 90 countries to rate how happy they were on a scale of 1 to 10, found Malta to be the happiest country, with the United States ranking 13th alongside Guatemala, Norway, and Uruguay.

Oh, if today’s starting out to be just another lousy day, take heart. The happiest day of the year – June 23 – is just six months away. Or you can move to Malta.

Or, in the words of my buddy Phil Gerbyshak

I challenge you to stop having a nice day and focus on finding the greatness inside of you. Learn how to unleash the power within by improving your attitude, setting goals, and many other nuances that will take your life from nice to GREAT. Great people do great things. Remember, nice guys (and gals) finish last! Don’t settle for nice…Make It Great!