After reading Brian Bailey’s post about his “can’t-live-without” blog feeds, and his follow-up post, I began to worry about my own feeds.

See, two weeks ago, I culled my Bloglines list down to under 200 by examining whether or not I really needed to read all the stuff I was reading. Guess what? If you take a look over there now, you’ll find that my number of feeds has gone back down to 215 208 190!

Now granted, I don’t read all of ’em every day, but I just don’t want to miss anything good. I really don’t want to miss anything great! There are some that are absolutely essential to me. There are some from which I gain some value, but my life wouldn’t end if I missed an update or two. Then there are some that seem to be just echo chambers of some of the others. Those I could probably do without.

Am I a victim of the dreaded information overload? Or am I addicted to the Internet and the stuff it provides? I don’t know.

Oh, just so you know…I can turn this thing off anytime I want to!

UPDATE, June 16, 3:00 3:32 pm (ET): OK, so I trimmed 7 25 off that total. And just so you know…all of those feeds don’t update all the time. And, again…I can turn it off anytime I want to!