triathlon image

…but I am working on a triathlon. Of sorts.

This month’s Men’s Health has a neat little article called “Build Your Own Triathlon” and it talks about changing up your cardio routine to get more benefits. So today, I started building my own triathlon.

I did 22 minutes worth of intervals outside in Heritage Park, then went into the YMCA and rode the stationary bike for 4.1 miles, and then finished up with 400 yards of swimming in the pool. Not exactly Ironman distance (or times, for that matter!), but it was good.

Now, my big cardio days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and I think I’m going dub Tuesdays and Thursdays “T-Days” (Tuesday, Thursday, Triathlon…get it?).

In or around Canton, Georgia Tuesday or Thursday mornings? Come on…let’s go!