It’s Just a Football Game, Right?

Maybe this is taking the rivalry just a bit too seriously!

Yikes! And Ouch!

Oh, yeah…if you scroll down through the story, you find out another interesting tidbit about the alleged assailant…

Beckett, a 53-year-old church deacon, federal auditor and former Army combat veteran, has pleaded not guilty.

Painting your face, your head, and/or your body in school colors is one thing. Barking like a silly mutt is another. Making that silly shark motion when your silly team is a silly freshwater reptile is another. Even stealing your rival’s mascot is OK.

But ripping a guy’s well…“guys”…off is just a tad over the top, don’t you think? And don’t even think about proposing changes to the worship style, carpet color, or water fountain location at your next church meeting…