Some “specks of lint that fell out, the last time that I picked my brain…*”

  • Apparently, some people have such an aversion to the truth, they wouldn’t know it if it kicked bit them in the butt.
  • Apparently, some people are right (they’re wrong, but they’re right correct!)…It’s not that they’re lazy; they really just don’t care.
  • Who cares about apathy?
  • You could expend a lot less effort by doing what’s right the whole time, instead of trying to desperately come up with something at the very end.
  • Apparently, some people just like to be aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.
  • Coddling doesn’t work. Neither does getting tough.
  • Two full years is plenty of time to figure out that this gig may not be the right one for you.
  • A unilateral friendship really isn’t a friendship – it’s sucking up for whatever reason.
  • Rick Warren is right…Money you don’t have, things you don’t need, people you don’t really like.

* from “You’re Nothing Without Me” from City of Angels
Music by Cy Coleman Lyrics by David Zippel