Everywhere I go today, I find that people are talking about “authenticity,” about being “real.” It is indeed a prime value that we need to espouse, in the face of so much Pharisaism and self-righteous behavior.

But we need to be sure that our “being real” doesn’t turn into a sorry excuse for doing things that will bring dishonor to the Boss with Whom we apprentice. We need to be careful that our quest for authenticity doesn’t lead us to ignoring or covering up our sin.

Check this challenging little read from over at TheOOZE

Authenticity should not trap us into being blind to sin in our own lives or the lives of those we are in community with.

Our task as Jesus-apprentices is to model our lives after the Master, to walk in truth and love, and to continually be molded and shaped in His image. Being “real” cannot become a justification for living an unexamined and unrepentant lifestyle.

Good food for thought early this Thursday…