“…ze Mad Dogs, ze Englishmen, and Joe CockEHR!”

I had forgotten how much I liked this album!

My brother had it ON VINYL way back a hundred years ago!

(See there used to be these things, about 12” in diameter. They were black, – or other colors – they had a little hole in the middle, and you put ’em on these things called “turntables.” There was another thing called a “tone arm” and it had attached to it yet another thing called a “cartridge” in which was a sharp little “needle” that ran in these “grooves” as the “album” spun around at about 33-1/3 rpm and mysteriously, sound came out! Amazing!)

Anyway, I found it again today…not on vinyl, mind you, but in the magic of digital music! What is amazing to me, 35 years later, is that some of the songs I thought were brand-new rock-n-roll tunes were actually “standards” from the “great American songbook,” but with that very soulful Joe Cocker treatment! Very, very cool!