Paul Bunyan & Babe

Today, I’m pretending to be Paul Bunyan. Well, sort of. We had a dead pine tree fall in the yard last week, and today I get to cut it up so I can move it.

The good news? It fell in a great spot…right on top of our burning pile. The bad news? We are in the midst of a total outdoor burning ban, due to the drought (and due to today’s pretty stiff wind, as well!) So I’ve got to move it somewhere else.

The good news? It’s about 40 feet long (or tall, depending how you look at it) and only about 6-10 inches in diameter. the bad news? I’ve got a bow saw to work with! (My Mr. Know-It-All buddy said I just need to make chain saw noises while I’m using the bow saw. I told him to shut up!)

Now, if I can just find Babe to help me move the TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!