OK, a couple of disclaimers…

  1. I know absolutely nothing about college basketball, except that I like it better than the NBA
  2. I have absolutely no expertise about brackets and handicapping and such
  3. The only thing I really know about this year’s March Madness is that the men’s Final Four is in the ATL, which means traffic will once again be a mess. (And BTW, whoever came up with the inane phrase “The ATL” for Atlanta? Guess we should start saying “The WOO” for our up-and-coming town…but I digress…)
  4. Oh, and I know Dickie V will say “bay-bee” at least 147 times and “awesome” at least 235 times before the tournament’s final buzzer sounds.

All that being said, I filled out my bracket for the Atlanta paper’s online contest. My very unscientific, uneducated, and really uncaring picks for the Final Four are Wisconsin, Illinois (my Cinderella team for this year), Ohio State, and in a nod to Tadd – who bleeds Carolina blue – North Carolina. (Hey, Tadd…what exactly is a freakin’ Tar Heel anyway?!?!?)

I know, I know…that’s the Big Ten filling out three-quarters of the Big Dance. So sue me…

My winner? North Carolina over Wisconsin…86-78.