I don’t know a lot about art – what makes it good, what makes it great, who made what, etc. – but I do know that I like artists like van Gogh and Monet.

I found this Monet last night, and I’m still intrigued by it this morning. The title is “Impression: sunrise” and it is apparently a revision of an earlier work. (You can see it larger here.)

What gets me is this: It’s about sunrise. Is the guy in the boat coming in from a long night? Or is he going out to face the new adventure of a new day? Who’s that that with him? Where’s he going? What will find along the way? What will he find when he reaches his destination?

I guess that all sounds like some pointy-headed, pseudo-intellectual, standing with arms folded and head cocked in a deeply meditative pose at some fancy-schmancy, artsy-fartsy gallery, huh? Well, at any rate, the Monet is probably about replace my cat as my desktop image…