Gary Lamb on how NASCAR gets it

The main reason I think Gary “gets it” is this part…

They aren�t trying to be something they are not. Church planters and pastors need to learn this. We are not called to be something we are not. LEARN your area more then anyone else. I get asked a lot what I see as the #1 reason behind our success. Besides God, I think it is because we are Canton, Georgia. I fit the area and I know the area. I love North Point and Fellowship but everything they are doing will not work in my area. I eat the meat and throw away the bones. I use what I think will work in my town and do it. What I don�t think will work, I try something new until I figure out what will work. Before trying to build a church, get out and learn your area. Figure out who you are going to be able to reach and be yourself.

I don’t think there’s ever been anybody called to plant a church in a particular area like Gary has. Nobody I know personally, at least.

When we first got hooked up, he was in Iowa (“Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa!”) and was in the first stages of planning what would eventually become RidgeStone. I ashamed to say he knew more about Canton and its surroundings and people than I did, and I had lived here for five years! He and RidgeStone are doing it right and they could be a model for the rest of us!

OK, Gary….that’s enough for now! Just because I’m bragging on you doesn’t mean you’re not still a big jerk, OK?!?!?!